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Tony DiMarco
10-27-2012, 08:24 AM
Interested to get opinions on the distance of the course. We GPS it with multiple watches and got different distances some over, some under 3.1? I didn't have a problem with the mile markers until the varsity races, they seemed off especially in the boys race (leaders 4:52?)

If the course is 3.1 then it's difently slower than last years course, I'm guessing it runs about equal to Woodward park now based on a comparison of times.

Any thoughts? I've heard 3.12 for distance and I've also heard that the slowness may be due to the gr*** and three loops (my kids didn't like the third loop, said it was over kill and that the parts on the far end had no spectators)

Torres BHDP
10-27-2012, 12:47 PM
We also ran much slower times than expected across the board, but I was attributing it to the heat and dry air (many of my boys talking about how their throats felt dry. We're usually very good with hydration).

I put a watch on the course (Nike+, which can leave me up to .1 miles short every 3 miles) and the markers were almost exactly on (didn't have my Garmin which I feel is far more accurate). The 4:52 first mile in the var boys race worried me quite a bit as well. Made me wonder whether runners were taking the turns too wide when they were supposed to be cutting through...

My JV runners seemed to run much closer to projected times than all the other races (the park being almost completely shaded by 5:30), but their first mile times didn't correlate with their paces. We usually have about a 80% PR rate at this meet (as I was taking times at the 3 mile mark), but this year maybe 10%?...

With all that said, it would be very nice to have a course that runs similar to Woodward, especially at this time of year. And I've been saying for years that the SS needs more 5k races...

10-29-2012, 06:31 AM
We ran slow too but I thought it was because instead of only bringing one van of boys and getting there only an hour and half before their race. THis year we brought a van of girls also and had some in the early races too. So kids didn't plan food very well that race later. This year also seemed more dusty than last.