View Full Version : LACS Rediculous!! refuses to use rain course

Matt Holden
11-17-2012, 07:32 PM
This is insane. Here is some footage from the LACS varsity boys race. So a lot of LACS' s best runners won't be going to state. This is really unfortunate.


These conditions are just unsafe. I can't believe they did not switch to a rain course like Mt. Sac did.

Here is a quote from runners

"No one runs in a race that people can't stand without falling. People were slipping even when they tried to walk the turns. When runners like Drake Johnston who would have gotten in the top 3 ran and got 7th or 8th(?), when runners like Steve Correa didn't even make state and his teammate did, when runners who didn't even get in the top 5 in their leagues makes it to state, then we know this race was not based of talent or grit. We all wanted to win. We all never gave up. But when someone falls 10 times and another person falls twice the person who falls twice will win. We didn't all run on the same spots of the coarse so the coarse affected us all differently. This race was based on who fell the least. When runners are affected like this in a race and it could have been changed, it is wrong! City Section has been embarresed and will be ridiculed for this for many years. I am happy for the runners who made it to state and all we can do is work hard and be ready for track. "