View Full Version : What do you have your kids doing this off season?

12-13-2012, 05:44 AM
I've decided to have a more formal off season this year. Interested to see what everyone else is doing. Coaches, athletes, feel free to respond. I'll post my schedules later today.

Keith Chann
12-13-2012, 06:59 AM
Almost all of my varsity level athletes are doing other sports. I wish that I could have them all and do a full off-season practice.

12-13-2012, 08:12 AM
I only have a select few that do Winter sports. We do a full schedule of mileage and lifting, eventually bringing in tempos and workouts as would be done over the summer. We basically treat it the same. June = December in my mind.

Brad Peters
12-13-2012, 01:33 PM
King puts out recommendations for the kids to run on their own during December. For the five weeks preceding the official start of the track season (jan/feb) we have a "Winter Camp" that is by sign up and fee based that is almost identical in structure to summer camp that precedes the fall season. Training is a continuation of the Fall and a transition to the speed of track.

Having an "official camp" with fee enrollment, attendance, expectations, etc, was a big improvement over what we had done for years which was a "come as you please" system. That drove me nuts when they didn't show up as consistently as I would have liked. Having a "camp" increases accountability and buyin.

Peter Brewer
12-14-2012, 11:37 AM
At Northgate High last year I tried to do a systematic strength/quickness conditioning program after school each day. It started out fine, but quickly devolved into a social gathering centered around the weight room with as many kids as possible doing as little as possible while claiming that, as much as was possible, that they were working out hard. This indifference to reality trickled over to the actual season and was hard to eradicate.

The program this winter is now completely on the track, and we do core drills, plyometrics, hill runs, resistance drills, body weight exercises, medicine ***** . . . all with partners or under supervision or in modified P.E. styled competition. Now the kids come back sore, or a little stiff or creaky, and can justifiably claim they have done something substantial. The distance kids check in, do a few drills, and are off to the hills to get in their highly recommended mileage requirements.

I'd like to do a "winter camp" but I teach at a different school, the principal has specifically specified that I am to now start attending after-school meetings (Oh, the misery! Please, God, take me now. . .), and so most of all this is administered by a long-suffering assistant coach. The perils of being off-campus have never been more apparent.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High

12-16-2012, 07:26 AM
I have all of my cross country kids that didn't go to a winter sport in a 7th period PE class so I'm trying a little more formalized training plan this year than in past years. In general, we are pushing the volume up from where we were during cross country season and dropping the faster stuff to twice per week.

for the distance guys, a week looks like this

M: AM 3-5 easy, PM 6 total with 3-4 tempo
T: 8-11 Easy
W: 5-7 easy + stadium ramps + circuit
Th: AM 3-5 easy, PM 6 total with EITHER 6-8 x 400 @ 2 mile goal pace OR 8-10 x 200 @ mile goal pace (both with equal distance recovery jogs)
F: 5-7 easy + Drills + weights
S: 9-12 Easy
S: 5-7 easy + push up, sit up, lunge

Important Note: Only my top boy will be doing the doubles. He will be working his mileage up to 55-65 by the end of the base period. Most of my boys will be in the 40-50 range. My top girls will probably also approach this range. My more beginner types will more likely be in the 25-35 range by the end of the base period (up from 18-25 during cross for the 1st year runners).