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05-21-2014, 06:36 AM
We started lifting this school year but I feel we can do more so I am curious what others are doing.

How many days a week do you lift legs?

Do you do leg lifts on long days? or Recovery days? Day before a meet or after a meet?

Has anybody ever did their lifting first? I was thinking of having a late practice so I was thinking the only way to get lifting in would be to do it then run. We are not on campus so mornings are out.

Thanks for any help

05-21-2014, 08:12 AM
We instituted lifting regularly a few years back and it has evolved over the years. Our current format is that we lift on Tuesdays and Friday, except once races start. For XC, we begin lifting twice a week in Late June-Early July and keep that up until the first week of Sept, and then we move to lifting just Tuesdays until early-mid October. For track, we begin lifting twice a week Late December-Early January and keep that up until the first week of March, and then move to lifting just once a week until Late March-Early April depending on when dual meets are. I rarely ever have the kids lift the day before a meet, and even more rare do I have them lift two days before a meet. These days are a pseudo-speed day, but at the same time are somewhat of a recovery day since the only real pounding on the legs is lifting.

Our workouts look like the following:

Warm up of 3 miles
Leg Swings, Flexibility drills, Plyometric Drills, Hurdle Drills and Speed Latter Drills
2-3 x 200 at 800 race pace

Weight room:
Upper circuit includes 3 sets of (15 x Biceps, triceps, flys, one-arm pulls, reverse flys, running arms (for about 30-40 seconds), Arm circles, Push-ups). We do this as a timed-circuit, with 45 seconds for each station. There is a 10-second transition period, so each station really is only 35 seconds.
Lower circuit includes 3 stations - squats, deadlifts, and lunges. For this circuit, it is 55 seconds, so about 45 seconds for each lift. Kids work in pairs, one kid lifts, the other kid does core, and then they switch. They stay at each station until they've completed the 3 sets, and then move to the next lift.
** Each circuit takes about 16-18 minutes, and works your cardio quite a bit as well. When done correctly, you're heart rate is as high as if you were out on a decent paced run. So really, for the day, your cardio is getting worked for about 45-50 minutes, but you're adding a lot of strength in the process.

Initially, the kids require some time to get used to the rigor of the lifting, but over the long haul they really adjust well. We also go every 3 weeks with the same weight, then do a heavy week. The next 3 week cycle their weight should increase as their strength is growing. Depending on how long you are aiming to lift, I usually aim for 3-4 rounds (12-16 weeks), will determine when you start and when you finish.

As I said earlier, this is our practice 2 days a week, so only 6 miles of running on those days. And then the other 4 days are our main running days, where we average 10+ mile for those 4 days. In our highest weeks, we still manage 55-60 miles with those 4 days and the 2 lifting days.

Hope this helps you plan. If you have any questions, just e-mail me, bbrierly@hbuhsd.edu.


05-28-2014, 06:19 AM
Thanks for the response. I like the circuit. It gives me some ideas.