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Mark Gardner
02-11-2015, 10:32 AM
2015 Panther Parlauf Relays
Corona Track Club brings you our 4th Annual relay exchange festival that provides for a great workout and an early season motivator to get your athletes ready for the 2015 track season.
The Parlauf Relay is a unique race comprised of five members, running 200 meters eight times (5x8x200). Each athlete ends up covering 1600 meters. It is a great ‘endurance’ workout for your sprinters while a great ‘speed’ workout for your distance athletes. It’s an awesome opportunity to bring together both groups to be on the same team! Who will emerge as the more successful species – sprinters or distance runners???
Each group competes as an ‘unattached’ team, so no school-issued uniforms are allowed. Please have matching uniforms though. It becomes a great team bonding workout while each group can compete against great competition! You are allowed to enter as many teams as you may like! PLEASE CONFIRM PRIOR TO ATTENDING SO WE MAY ADJUST THE HEATS!!!

WHERE: Corona High School
DATE: Saturday, February 21st
FORMAT: Each team is comprised of five athletes. Each athlete completes 8x200.
TIMES: Stadium opens at 8:00 am
Girls “A” team – 9:00 am
Boys “A” team – 9:40 am
Girls “B & C” teams – 10:15 am
Boys “B & C” teams – 10:55 am
PRICE: Only $20 per team. Please turn in team entry fee all at once. $2 for all fans and spectators.
AWARDS: Custom Panther Parlauf Champions Sweatshirts to each member of the 1st place squads!
Panther Parlauf T-shirts to 2nd and 3rd place squads!
SPIKES/BATONS: Only 3/16 inch or less pyramid spikes will be allowed. Please provide your own baton.
CONTACT: Contact Mark Gardner at mgardner@cnusd.k12.ca.us or call (951) 529-1056 to receive team entry form.