View Full Version : Mt. SAC 2012 Coverage

Chad Scott
10-18-2012, 06:12 PM
The Mt. SAC index looks great! Well organized by division and rankings with spots for updates as they roll in. Thanks Rich! I might be more excited than some of the athletes!

For those of you interested in parsing the results to create your own match-ups for county meets, league finals, and CIF, you know that the PDFs are PW protected to prevent copying the data to paste in Excel. I suppose you could "grunt" while trying to figure out the unlock PW or you can run it through a PDF PW remover. Still don't understand why they put a PW...anyway, "grunt"ing may help you remove it!

With a high in the mid 70s for Saturday and low 80s tomorrow, there should be some fast times and great races. Good luck to all!

-Chad Scott