PrepCalTrack Message Board Rules

Welcome to the PrepCalTrack Message Board forums!

These forums are provided as a means to bring together the cross-country and track and field communities in a setting for exchange of ideas, to ask questions or find answers, or to inform of the latest happenings in our sports.

When posting, please enjoy the interchange while keeping these forum guidelines in mind:

  • These forums are meant to serve as a healthy and educational resource for athletes, coaches, parents, media and fans. The words we type can have a very positive effect on others, but can have very negative effects as well. Please keep this in mind while posting and aim to keep your posts positive/constructive in nature.
  • Please respect everyone on the forums, refraining from the use of profanity or personal attacks on others.
  • Meet directors will be allowed to make a single post about their meet, getting the word out on their fine upcoming event. If you wish to better promote your meet, the option to advertise as a "featured meet" on the PrepCalTrack mainpage and calendar page will be made available to all meet directors(details to come). Featured meet advertisers also will be granted the right to make more frequent posts about their event on the forums.
  • Please do not *spam* these forums with links to outside products/websites. If you wish to advertise your product or service on this website, please contact
  • Please keep in mind that your posts are a reflection of you, your family, your team, your teammates, and/or your school. Choose to represent them in a positive way.

Let's make these forums an excellent resource for recognizing the achievements and sacrifices of our student/athletes and for the furthering our sport.

The forums are what you make it. Make it great and enjoy the forums!


The Forum Administrators