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    El Toro's Chargers Distance PR Mania

    Coaches and athletes,

    Are you looking for a last chance to PR in a distance event before the 2016 track season come to a close? Come to El Toro on Friday, May 20. We will offer you the best...
  2. Thank you everyone for coming out tonight. ...

    Thank you everyone for coming out tonight. Special thank you to all the volunteers and Coach Cush for his pacing duties once again. Results will be posted on Hoka's official site soon. In the...
  3. Hoka postal nationals 2 miler: November 21, 5:00 pm, orange county

    We are hosting a Hoka Postal Nationals All-Comers 2 miler on Saturday, November 21 (CIF Finals) starting at 5 pm at the Charger Stadium. Brand new stadium, all weather track under the lights with...
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