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    Palos Verdes T&F Invite -- April 5, 2014

    Happy New Year and welcome back to the grind to all our friends and colleagues in the California HS T&F Community. As 2014 schedules are being finalized we at Palos Verdes HS hope you will consider...
  2. Donations information

    Rich, This is a tragedy. Do you have an address that we could send cards or flowers to?

    This is indeed a tragedy. Here is more information for anyone interested:

    Funeral services will be held...
  3. Announcing the inaugural Palos Verdes HS Invitational!!

    Palos Verdes High School is proud to announce our first ever Track & Field Invitational! April 13, 2013 -- a full slate of California 16 events at our brand new, state of the art facility punctuated...
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    No worries. I just thought it was sort of ironic...

    But I do apologize for that delay. Sorry.

    No worries. I just thought it was sort of ironic that I signed up to respond to one of the earlier messages on this thread and then had to wait a few...
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    I think this post hits the issue on the head. ...

    the internet moves quickly. from my discussions with kids and observations, message boards are pretty out-dated. One kid told me today when he saw me on facebook (of all things) that "no one goes on...
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