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    Adults grow up

    This entire situation is a perfect example of bureaucracy and differences between grown adults getting in the way of what is best for kids. Having worked alongside Coach O'Brien and having known him...
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    Don't we all deserve to see Xavier, Saugus, Simi,...

    Don't we all deserve to see Xavier, Saugus, Simi, and Great Oak all slug it out? I'm a big fan of testing your mettle. Those teams can relatively cruise for 4 weeks before they have to hit the gas...
  3. Julia Stamps was a thing of beauty to watch. She...

    I'd place my vote for Julia Stamps. She still holds the fastest time at the State Championships (16:43 in '96). If Baxter takes that down, then all hail to Queen Sarah.
    Julia Stamps was a thing of...
  4. Amber Trotter

    Regarding Amber Trotter, I would be hesitant, actually I would just not, put her in the conversation as best ever because it sets a very dangerous precedent. Amber Trotter was ravaged by an eating...
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