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    Where is David Luna of Indio?

    I was shocked to not see David Luna on the SS 3 Prelims Performance list. I was looking forward to watching David, Austin T. and Sidney G. fight for the crown. I hope he's okay.
  2. South Pasadena XC Coach Patrick McGrail Resigns

    After coaching Sam Pons, Paul Messana and Josh Wilson to Rio Hondo League Championships, McGrail has decided to step down. This year's boys xc team in my opinion was his true test of how great of a...
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    Bravo...Could not have said it better.

    Going a bit against the grain here...

    It doesn't make much of a difference, especially for the boys, whether the regular course is run in mostly dry conditions or the rain course is run if it's...
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    Joe, you're not off base at all. More like right...

    I'll gladly delete this if I'm off base, but I think the D3 Sweeps had some fairly significant scoring errors, as was noted in Rich's story on the front page.

    Based on the video this is the...
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