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    Independent Study Kids

    Just curious as to how many coaches get any of these kids to come out of xc or track. Do you have access to them? Does you district even allow them to participate in athletics. I know CIF has a provision for them, but has anybody had any of them out, let alone make a difference on their team.

    Does your district have one particular school these kids are assigned to, or does each school have its own group?

    I'm very curious to hear from the private schools as well.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Last track season (2012) we had one female sprinter/jumper who had a unique circumstance where she attended classes regularly for the first half of the year then had independent study for the second half (we are a public school).

    This was my first experience coaching a student-athlete who was in independent study, so I didn't know what to expect. But in the end it turned out great. To start, she is a naturally sweet girl so there were never any character or discipline issues. She always looked forward to being at practice since that was her main interaction with her friends and teammates. And being able to participate in track (which has to be agreed upon by her mother and her independent studies teacher) motivated her to improve her studies and now she's back full-time in school.

    We have two high schools in our district, and each school site has a teacher in charge of those in independent studies.

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    I was an independent study teacher for 8 yrs. We only had a few students that ever even wanted to do sports once they came to us. They can only play for the school who's boundries they are in. Our new on line school messed up and forgot to file the paperwork last year and so they couldn't play. This year we had one kid and he is a bit different but our kids all accepted him and he fit right in. He was required to follow all the same rules so if he became a problem he would have been cut.

    Public and we have an on-line and an indep. study program. Students from all 3 of our high schools can attend.

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