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Thread: Iron/ferrutin levels

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    Iron/ferrutin levels

    As we all attain more knowledge about iron/ferritin levels, I was hoping to open the forum up to how you address this with your athletes and parents. Me simply telling the kids to go get tested has produced very little results and I know that I need to take a more proactive approach regarding this topic. I just had two of our runners tell me that their scores were 11, but they had no clue what that meant. Was it their hemoglobin, iron or ferritin levels? The girls both shared that they were questioned to why they should have their ferritin levels checked as well and made to feel very uncomfortable. Now, this is coming from two teenagers who parents are not that proactive in their own sense. But, it does seem that parents need to be proactive, actively engaged and visit multiple sources to get a real answer here with some of their daughters.

    This past summer, a fellow colleague of ours made mention to how he has a 'number' on every one of his girls. He is fully aware of their iron and ferrutin levels and made it seem as if it's a mandatory practice in his (very successful) program. We have over 115 kids in our XC program so how manageable would it be to make it mandatory?

    After speaking to several athletes and parents over the past week, I want to get suggestions from you on how to more productively address this issue with our athletes.

    I would love to get together with several local coaches and find a doctor that specializes on this topic more. Perhaps, we can have all of our athletes tested and get more consistent answers/solutions....

    Sorry for rambling - my main reasoning here is to open the forum up as I know we have ALL dealt with this issue. Thanks for your feedback
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    I am on board with the need for getting a local doctor or group of doctors who can test athletes with relative ease. There is definitely a need for education with the athletes and coaches as well as the doctors. It certainly needs to be cost-effective for my kids to even contemplate it, but I think it is a great idea.
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