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Thread: The 5th Anual NorCal Distance Coaches' Collaborative Roundtable

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    The 5th Anual NorCal Distance Coaches' Collaborative Roundtable

    Email Chris Puppione at the email address below if you are interested in attending. It will fill up fast.

    A Runner's Mind, 1199 Howard Ave. Burlingame CA 94010
    The 5th Annual NorCal Distance Coaches' Collaborative Roundtable

    Location: Crystal Springs Uplands School
    400 Uplands Drive
    Hillsborough CA 94010

    Date: Saturday, January 5th, 2013
    • Session I: 9am-12pm
    • Lunch: 12pm-1pm
    • Session II: 1pm-3pm

    Roundtable Leaders
    • Chris Puppione – Clinic Co-Director
    o USATF Level III National Coach
    • Albert Caruana – Clinic Co-Director
    o Crystal Springs Uplands School
    • Jason Oswalt – Clinic Co-Director
    o Amador Valley High School

    Roundtable Features
    • Everyone is a clinician, everyone is a student.
    • Roundtable topics selected by attendees in advance via email..
    • All attendees receive “A Packet of Nuggets”—a compilation of coaching gems from each attending coach.
    • Attendees will also receive a collection of training programs submitted by the other coaches in attendance.
    • Cost for the roundtable discussion is FREE.
    • Event is open to the first 30 coaches to register.

    Contact Chris Puppione ( to register for the event, as well as to receive further information. This event is for HIGH SCHOOL COACHES ONLY.

    Please contact Chris ASAP as spots are filling up fast. Some of the best coaches in California will be at this Roundtable. Don't miss out.


    November 14, 2012

    Dear Coaches,

    Now that cross country season is almost in the books and the track and field season looms on the not-so-distant horizon, we would like to invite you to join us for a clinic unlike any other in the state of California.

    On January 5th, 2013, we will be hosting The NorCal Distance Coaches Collaborative Roundtable in Hillsborough at Crystal Springs Uplands School. The event is scheduled to kick-off at 9am and will be attended by many of the finest coaches from our part of the state. This clinic is unique in format and conception.

    Many of us have attended clinics over the years, and although we have been lucky enough to hear some great speakers, the part most of us look forward to is the aftermath—sitting around with your peers, swapping stories, discussing training ideas, asking questions, all while enjoying some good food and drink.

    We have decided to get rid of the lectures and ditch the conventional while getting straight to the good stuff—some high-energy shop talk with some of our sport’s finest coaches in a relaxed environment full of friends and soon-to-be friends. At this event, the attendees will choose the topics. Whether you want to rehash the last cross country season or talk about the track season ahead, you tell us and we will put it on the agenda.

    1. Limited to the first 30 coaches to sign-up via email, this roundtable discussion is completely based on the contributions of all attendees. Here is how it works:

    2. Coaches are asked to email Chris Puppione ( to sign-up for the event.

    3. Upon receipt of your email, Chris will ask you to submit the following for the clinic by December 19, 2012:
    a. Topics and ideas you would like to discuss or gain knowledge about at the clinic (training, recruiting, nutrition, state of the sport, etc.)
    i. This is an absolute necessity, as these suggestions will function as our agenda for the day.
    b. A 1-3 page installment (or “nugget of knowledge”) describing something you do with your athletes that you feel is key to your program’s success (i.e. a particular workout, coaching philosophy, mental training, etc.)
    i. All coaches are expected to contribute with this—consider it as Part I of your entrance fee!
    ii. These “nuggets” will be compiled and all attendees will receive the full collection of notes at the clinic in both print and digital formats.
    c. A copy of your training plan and notes from the past cross country season or the upcoming track season.
    i. This is Part II of your entrance fee, and coaches are to submit these so that they may be shared with other attendees for review, critique, and to foster discussion of training methods.
    ii. These training programs will be sent out to all attendees in digital format, and you are asked to print them out prior to the roundtable and make notes on them for discussion purposes.
    iii. By submitting your training ideas or plans in advance, you can have your season’s training discussed by some of our sport’s greatest coaches, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.
    d. All submitted information must be sent in either MS Word or MS Excel docs so that they can be easily formatted for compilation.

    4. A running tally of coaches who commit to attending the roundtable will be maintained on Albert’s website so everyone can prepare any specific questions that they may have for their fellow coaches.

    5. Prior to the event, Chris and Albert will release a schedule that will outline the topics for the day so that each coach attending may come prepared to participate and contribute.

    6. THERE ARE NO LECTURERS AT THIS EVENT. We are not presenting a seminar—this is an opportunity to expand the discussion and for everyone to be a student and a teacher.

    7. Attending coaches are encouraged to bring any information they wish to discuss or share to the event. We will have overhead projectors, LCD projectors, as well as AV equipment—bring it all.

    8. Also, we would like all coaches in attendance to bring their laptop computers with them, as we will be using internet connections to access information during discussion periods. Please be sure to have your flash drive or memory stick with you so you can steal/borrow info from other coaches.

    9. Sign-in on January 5th will begin at 8:30am with the roundtable beginning promptly at 9am. We will section the day into topics picked by our attendees,

    10. Break for lunch at noon, and then reconvene for further discussion starting at 1pm. The roundtable ends when either you go home or they kick us out of the building at 3pm.

    11. While this is an open discussion, we have designated the following coaches as leaders for the event:
    a. Chris Puppione, USATF Level III National Coach
    b. Albert Caruana, Crystal Springs Uplands School
    c. Jason Oswalt, Amador Valley High School

    12. These coaches will act as guides for the discussion, keeping the roundtable focused while moving the group through the agenda and moderating input from all coaches. They will offer their insights as well, but they are not clinicians or panelists.

    13. On the day of the event, all attending coaches will receive the following:
    a. “A Packet of Nuggets”—a compilation of coaching gems from all attendees
    b. A collection of all attendees training programs
    c. Great conversation with amazing colleagues

    It is our belief that this collaborative roundtable will be of great benefit for all coaches—rookies and veterans alike. Please join us for this amazing event by emailing your registration to Chris Puppione (

    Be a part of the excitement—be a part of the conversation. Join us January 5, 2013 at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Hillsborough, CA for The 5th Annual NorCal Distance Coaches’ Collaborative Roundtable.

    Yours in running,

    Chris Puppione
    Albert Caruana
    Jason Oswalt


    Coaches attending so far. Spaces still available and SS coaches welcome. Can't beat the price!
    1. Chris Puppione-formerly UC Davis
    2. Albert Caruana-Crystal Springs Uplands School
    3. Jason Oswalt-Amador Valley
    4. Tim Hunter-San Ramon Valley
    5. Chris Williams-Dublin
    6. Walt Lange-Jesuit
    7. Craig Stern-Albany
    8. Andrew Hutchinson-Sequoia
    9. Josh Small-Valley Christian SJ
    10. Noah Hinkston-Oakland Tech
    11. Gaila Hinkston-Oakland Tech
    12. Don Williams-Cornerstone
    13. Pat LaFortune-Cardinal Newman
    14. Dan Oren-Los Altos
    15. Vince Sturgis-Everygreen Valley
    16. Ken Reeves-formerly Nordhoff
    17. Marty Beene-Alameda
    18. Brad Alban-Miramonte
    19. Doug Chase-Scotts Valley
    20. Matt Tompkins-The King's Academy formerly Gunn
    21. John Hotchkiss-Mission San Jose
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    Albert Caruana
    Crystal Springs Uplands School

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