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Thread: Footlocker Western Regional decision

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    Footlocker Western Regional decision

    Here's a press release from Footlocker regarding class racing at the Western Regionals. It's a good idea for those wanting one last crack at the traditional course.

    Press release from Footlocker High School Cross Country Championships.

    Due to a request by a number of coaches and athletes after last weekend's CIF SS finals, the Footlocker West Regionals at Mt. Sac will run class races the same length as the traditional Mt. Sac course. Athletes who would like to sign up for those races or the seeded races should go to to register. Seeded races for both the elite boys and girls and the elite frosh soph boys and girls will still be on the 5K course. Athletes wanting to find out how they would do on the traditional course will now have an additional opportunity.

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    Here's a copy of the schedule. Hopefully it posts. If not, I'll do it by hand.

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    Awesome. Does this mean those races will start on the airstrip instead of the grass? I noticed the press release said "same distance" not same course. There is a long-standing belief that the grass start is the same as the airstrip start (hence the mile marker sign in the same spot) but that is not correct. The grass start is 30 meters longer than the airstrip start.

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    Supposedly the grass start is scribed (an arc) from the airstrip starting line. What makes you think it is longer? The extra distance (5K) is gained by the extra 200+ meters backwards around the track to the finish line.

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    Hal, I measured it twice with a wheel in 2004. The extra distance to turn the 2.93 into 3.105 is gained by adding 270 meters following the traditional finish and then 30 meters at the start.

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    Ken Reeves and Mike Goff will be wheeling the course to assure accuracy from starting on the grass.

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    Here's the schedule to be utilized for Foot Locker

    Time Division FinishLine
    7:15 Middle School (2 Miles) Mt.SAC Finish Line
    7:30 FL Supporter Open Race Mt.SAC Finish Line
    7:40 F/S Girls Mt.SAC Finish Line
    7:55 F/S Boys Mt.SAC Finish Line
    8:10 Junior/Senior Girls Mt.SAC Finish Line
    8:25 Junior/Senior Boys Mt.SAC Finish Line
    8:40 Junior/Senior Girls Foot Locker 5K Finish
    8:55 Junior/Senior Boys Foot Locker 5K Finish
    9:10 F/S All West Girls Foot Locker 5K Finish
    9:25 F/S All West Boys Foot Locker 5K Finish
    9:55 Seeded Girls Foot Locker 5K Finish
    10:40 Seeded Boys Foot Locker 5K Finish

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