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Thread: Almost time for XC!

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    Just a few mussings while my students are taking a test.

    With many of the top programs all worried about their athletes competing in CIF-SS Divisional Finals and advancing to the Masters meet, those of us less fortunate (not as good) are hard at work trying to gain any advantage.

    Good luck to all this weekend.

    With only 1 week left of school for us, we shall soon see if my kids care enough to build on past work or if they will take the summer off. I know our competition is hard at work and I hope that the kids realize it.

    With the early start of summer for us and the later cross country calendar, it is a long time until our next competition! I hope I can be patient and become the coach my kids deserve.
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    In regard to surprises this upcoming season....

    Dana Hills returns 8 boys that just broke 10 minutes in the 3200..
    Warren had 5 boys break 9:53....

    more to come

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    Dana Hills has 8 guys under 10:00... Hey Gardner, I thought you said something about a "surprise"?

    In other news Warren Buffet made more money than me last year.
    Martin Pennell
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    Martin -

    Now I reread it, the sarcasm wasn't there like I intended in regard to Dana Hills. Great Oak developed a much deeper squad this past Track season than what we saw at the end of last November. Only because we compete against them - ML King has also developed some nice, YOUNG talent that will make them a 'surprise' this upcoming Fall.

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