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Thread: Can a Freshman win the State 1600m title?

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    Can a Freshman win the State 1600m title?

    Brea Olinda frosh Austin Tomagno is currently 3rd in the state for the 1600m, setting a new California stae freshman record and the #2 time in national history for 9th graders. He has run some great races against some outstanding competition but can he win the State title?

    Veteran milers, like Haney and Thies, may have more high school experience but Tomagno is not a complete newcomer to the championship curcuit. He is a product of the SoCal Roadrunners program and has run at multiple national championship meets so he is familiar with running heats and finals in the distance races.
    His 800m time is currently listed as only 1:59 but I would bet he is much faster than that. The State 1600m races rarely play out as all-out time trials so finishing speed is important.
    It looks as though his race tactics will have the frosh in the mix come early June but will he have enough to go by the serious kickers? I think he is a year away from the top step and will have to settle for a spot a little further down the podium. (I do hope that I am wrong though! What a freshmen group in SoCal this year!!)
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    Tomagno, Ogden and Rocha are truly outstanding and have national level club pedigrees. Each has shown race smarts, conditioning and guts. Every year we wait to see if this is "the one" to break the 4 minutes in High School, and one of these may well be.

    However, Haney has shown at Arcadia and Mt. SAC that he is not kidding around. There are a couple of other seniors and juniors that look real good too.

    I think just plain pride, mixed with his demonstrated toughness will put Haney in first in the 1600, maybe even in the 3200 proving a double can still be done, and the super frosh will astound, but in 3, 4, 5, depending on which of the three actually run the 1600.

    I admit I may just be wishing Haney can do it in both. I understand the thinking, but as an old timer I really miss the days when runners ran hard competitive races, not "strategic" coast and kick and the tough guys ran the double as matter of course.

    As in "German Fernandez". In the heat, in the afternoon, at Cerritos and wasn't it like in an hour and setting some records or something?
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    can he? yes. will he? hmmm...

    interesting that not long ago, haney was the young stud, and now he's the grizzled veteran, although having only improved a couple of seconds...

    that said, i'd bet on him to win, though corcoran is hungry after being a fraction of a second from qualifying for state last year. tamagno was beaten by these guys at meet of champions, and if i had to bet, may have to settle for bronze this year. i'm curious to see what the el toro kid will do, though, as he can beat any of these guys on any given day.

    that's my story and i'm sticking to it...

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