I'm just curious as to how many of your kids are on here. I know this board is like 98% coaches with a few parents. Seems funny to have a CA Coaches Board when everyone is already here. I remember back when the original caltrack.prep.com was around and then the Dyestatcal behemoth that monopolized so much of our time, kids were always on here. They had polls as to how many hours each day they were on here. ALL of my kids were fervent followers. I don't know if the kids have changed but I don't see the same following. Many are completely unaware it exists and I tell them about it all the time, I want them on here, I want them to be aware of our sport and it's players, I want them to make online friends that they can have the pleasure of meeting in person at Woodbridge and then racing. Back in 2006 the Coaches Board was pretty active but the main board was packed, with a ton of athletes. A.J. Acosta, Michael Cybulski, Nathan Huerta, Cory Primm... all the stars were on here it seemed. I liked it and getting to know them and giving my kids a chance to know them too. Any ideas what caused this shift? I know it seems everyone disliked ESPN Rise, but that is gone now and hopefully we can get back to the way things were.