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Thread: CIF Finals Perfomance

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    CIF Finals Perfomance

    Here's some interesting facts about Finals and Serra's domination sent to me by a very reliable source.

    Greatest Southern Section Finals Performance Ever?

    Serra High School scored 148 points in Division 4 for the highest point total ever in the history of the CIF SS meet. They broke their own record of 135 points.

    If their athletes were in Division 1 on Saturday and ran the same times, 18 of their 21 athletes would have still qualified for finals. They would have broke the Division scoring record set in 2006 by Long Beach Poly. That LBP team scored 101 points. This Serra team would have scored 106 points if everything stayed the same.

    If their athletes were in Division 2, 20 of the 21 athletes would have qualified for finals. They would have scored 139 points, outpointing the 1983 Kye Courtney coached Hawthorne's team record of 94.5 points. If they scored 139 points, they would have broken the CIF SS record for most points ever scored in a CIF finals meet.

    If their athletes were in Division 3, they would have scored 117 points. That would have broken the Division 3 record set by Bishop Amat in 1982 of 92. The 117 points would have been the most points by any team not named Serra in the history of the meet.

    In D4, they scored 148 points, swept 1-2-3 in three events and broke 2 divisional records. Their 148 points broke their own divisional record of 135 points and you would have to combine the point totals from the 2nd through 5th place teams to beat them.

    I am sure many D1, D2, and D3 coaches are happy that Serra is down in Division IV

    If the top times were merged together in the Rich Gonzales super scoring merge ala cross country, Serra would have scored 66 points, Notre Dame would have scored 31 points, Orange Lutheran would have scored 26 points, Loyola would have scored 23 points. The first public school in the field, Los Osos would have scored 21 and Division 1 CIF champions Vista Murrieta would have scored 11 points. You would have to combine the top three teams in all of the Southern Section to defeat this year's version of the Cavaliers.

    The 40.73 they ran in the 400 relay would have broken the Division 2, Division 3 and Division 4 CIF finals record. Only Hawthorne's 1989, with a time of 40.36 has run faster at the CIF finals. Adoree Jackson's 25-00 long jump would have broken the Division 2, 3 and 4 records for long jump also.

    In the 101 year history of Southern Section boys' track and field, only six teams have ever broken 100 points. The first team to do it was Serra, back in 1981 when they scored 123 points in Division 1-A (today's Division 4). The next team to do it was Long Beach Poly in 2006 with 101 points. Serra has won the last 7 CIF Division 4 titles and have won 11 of the last 12 Division 4 titles. They scored 125.5 points in 2009, 135 points in 2010, 107 points in 2012 and an incredible 148 points this year in Division 4. In addition to teams scoring over 100 points, there have been 7 other teams that have scored 90 or above. Serra has done that three more times, as recently as 2011. Long Beach Poly, Hawthorne, Cabrillo and Bishop Amat are the other three teams that have scored at least 90 points.

    What would a dual have looked like against some of those juggernaut teams of the past? Could they have held their own against the powerful Muir, Hawthorne, Long Beach Poly squads of the past? Can they show that power that this year's state meet and set up to such legendary teams as the Willie White coached Berkeley squads of 1980 and 1981 as well as the Hawthorne teams of 1983 and 1984, the Muir teams of 1995 and 1996 with Obea Moore or the LBP teams of 2006 and 2007? Hawthorne in 1984 won 4 different events. Berkeley in 1981 won 5 different events and took 2nd in the other for 58 points.

    The next two weeks will see if Serra is a D4 powerhouse or the true track power most people believe them to be. They currently lead the state in the 400 relay, the 1600 relay and the long jump. In addition, Lloyd Siscard has the top 110 state time under any conditions and he has the state's 3rd fastest time in the 300 hurdles. They have 14 individual qualifiers to masters in the boys plus their two relay teams, qualifying a full 2/3 of their finals athletes for masters out of D4. They top the event chart in 4 events and they have 10 athletes who exceeded the state qualifying marks at CIF finals.

    Their performance on Saturday at Mt. Sac may have been the top performance ever at CIF Finals.

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    Serra won 7 straight boys' titles and 11 out of the last 12. Last public school to win D4---Carpinteria in 2001. Last public school to win D4 in the girls----Atascadero back in 1990. Last public school to get a plaque in D4 boys----Laguna Beach in 2006. Last public school to get a plaque in D4 girls, Marshall Fundamental in 1996. Last school other than Serra or Oaks Christian to win a plaque in D4 boys was St. Bonaventure back in 2008

    Top 10 teams score wise from CIF finals--in a virtual meet by times and distances/heights
    1. Serra---67 D4
    2. Notre Dame--31 D3
    3. Orange Lutheran--30 D3
    4. Loyola--22 D2
    5. Indio---20 (one guy) D3
    5. Los Osos---20 D1
    7. Upland-18 D1
    8. Crespi 17.75 D3
    9. Newport Harbor--16 (one guy) D2
    9. Ventura---16 D1
    9. Great Oak---16 D1

    D1 Champion, Murrieta Valley would have finished 14th with 12 points
    D2 Champion, Loyola would have finished 4th with 22 points
    D3 Champion, Orange Lutheran would have finished 3rd with 30 points
    D4 Champion, Serra would have beat the other three divisional champions combined by 1 points. Would have come down to the 4 x 400

    To beat Serra on D1, would have taken combined teams of Los Osos, Upland, plus Great Oak and Ventura.
    To beat Serra on D2, would have taken the combined teams of Loyola, Newport Harbor, El Modena and two of three from Sultana, Carter or Thousand Oaks
    To beat Serra on D3, would have taken the combined teams of Notre Dame, Orange Lutheran and Crespi
    To beat Serra on D4, would have taken Oaks Christian, Flintridge Prep, St. Joseph's, La Salle and Cate. If you combined all of the public schools together in D4, they would have scored 97 points. That would have only left them 51 points behind Serra.

    Would take the top 4 public schools to beat Serra
    Would take the 2nd-4th private schools to beat Serra (and it wouldn't happen if they only had one entry in the 4 x 100 or 4 x 400)

    Might be in a league of their own.
    Private Public
    D1 Scored: 197.66 0 197.66
    D2 Scored: 143.33 22 121.33
    D3 Scored 191 125.25 65.75
    D4 Scored 90 89 1

    Only one private school would have scored in D1 and D2 (Loyola). Nine public schools and 11 private schools would have scored in D3. Five private schools and one public school would have scored in D4. Track and Field has seemed to come out similar to D4 and below basketball, where the plaques are dominated by private schools.

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    It's from Ken Reeves.
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    A humble reminder to this distance coach that track and field team scoring places little emphasis on those distance races, although a stellar individual can still rack up some significant points (great double by Indio's Luna last week!). Imagine Serra with a distance crew, pole vaulter, and high jumper. That might cause Rich G. to proclaim "Oh My!"

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    Last time I remember a distance squad winning a CIF-SS track plaque was when Corona del Mar pulled it off in the early2000's.... Brian did hit the nail on the head when he mentioned how it puts the importance of sprints, relays and horizontal jumps are to track while distance squads are secondary notion...

    I do remember once when the cif-state title was won by a team that consisted of two throwers... I cannot recall which team it was but they had two stud shot/disc guys who went 1-2 in both & 36 points was all they needed...

    Looking forward to see how Serra does over the next few weeks.... A team that has been a constant title contender since the mid 90's... Looking forward to being at the meet Friday night to enjoy the show
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