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Thread: CIF Masters - False Start

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    CIF Masters - False Start

    I do understand it is the athlete's responsibility to not move until the gun is fired, however the starter in the distance races was holding the athletes too long after being in the set position. In the 800M boys race the kid moved and was kicked out of the race. However in both the 3200M boys and girls races there were clear moves also but the starter reset the field rather than kicking anyone out. I think I heard the PA announcer say false starts could not be charged in a that really true? Also, the commentator on Fox Sports West was mentioning generally in a distance race, since the start doesn't really provide an advantage, the starter would take accountability for a bad start and not kick anyone out. I guess this is left to the starter's discretion. In one person's opinion I think the starter didn't make a good call.

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    A false start may be charged in any race, regardless of distance. As you correctly pointed out, false starts are entirely in "the eyes of the starters" and cannot be appealed by rule.

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    Thank you for the answer. Now I know for future reference.

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