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    Apps you use


    Are any of you using an iphone app that significantly helps you in the "processing" of coaching ... roll taking, specifically is what I'm thinking of. Instead of taking a clipboard out to the start of practice it would be nice to use just the phone

    any other good apps you'd recommend would be appreciated.

    Brad Peters
    Teacher, US and AP US History at King High School
    Head XC Coach
    Distance Coach - King Track and Field

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    I made a checklist for our athletes that tells them which events they will run using Apple's Numbers. It contains both a boys and girls worksheet, which includes both JV and varsity distance events and the4 X 400. I fill it out and post it as a PDF on our website and text it to certain people if needed as it is saved in iCloud. Of course some people still ask what they are running or about twice as many requests on what time they are running (some people HAVE to ask something don't they?), but it has helped a lot. Each event contains a check box that is simply checked. What is even cooler is totals are kept for the number of athletes competing in each event vertically in each event and the number of events each athletes is competing in horizontally. The coolest thing is that the checkbox for each athlete is of course a finger tap on iPad and iPhone. The one thing I could not figure out was how to get the column to changed colors to let me know if I had an athlete competing in to many events that day or if I had to many athletes competing in a certain event. This is only set up for distance events and 4 X 400s though.

    This attendance sheet idea I had thought of as well and was simply going to edit the above sheet and I could send you a copy. However, I wanted to see if there was a way to link all weekly worksheets together so the total number of absences for week to week, could be totaled automatically. Some of these Numbers files easily convert to Excel. Some do not. So you may have to buy it in the App store or see if you can get it for free at your school.

    A couple of years ago I mentioned to Mike Sherwood at XC Stats that it would be cool to be able to do attendance online and then text alerts are sent to both the athlete (and parents....I think...if I really wanted to waken the EXCUSE train) to let them know of their total number of absences or tardies.

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