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Thread: Why do Have the Oakland and San Francisco City Sections?

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    Why do Have the Oakland and San Francisco City Sections?

    I've always wondered why they have separate sections. Neither are particularly large in population or geography, they are only a few miles away from one another and combining the sections would provide for better competition. Can someone enlighten me?

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    The short answer is politics and "local control." There are three CIF Sections made up of one school district each--LA, SF, and Oakland. There are regular proposals to fold SF and Oakland into the NCS, but the local control issue always rears its head.

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    The CIF-SS Bluebook has clear provisions for eather creating a new section or amending existing sections, 21. FORMATION OF NEW SECTIONS/GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE
    Feasibility study must be made to include the following
    Financial considerations:
    a. Income projection
    i. Dues Structure
    ii. Playoff revenue
    iii. Other revenue
    b. Expense projection
    i. Proposed budget

    The "Feasability Study" is cost prohibitive and therefore all of the complaining gets stopped at this point. THe sections also consider all sports even though we on this board are generally only looking at XC and/or Track.
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