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Thread: Mistake or new Boys Mt. SAC course record!?

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    For the time differences that are being mentioned by many coaches, are they contrasting the finishline clock with the published time? Or are these based on manager times versus the published times?

    The finishline clock is not necessarily linked to the timing system. They are usually just started manually by someone standing next to the clock. The difference from manager times to "official" times could potentially be explained away by saying that the managers are off. However, many of the managers do this every meet and I do not think that there are seemingly so many managers from different teams suddenly becoming consistantly incompetent by getting the same 3 seconds difference.

    I did not have any missing runners and did not have any managers collecting finishline times to be able to compare to published results. It does seem to me that there are a great number of questions that need to be addressed by someone.
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    There were two sets of mats, one set placed at the finish line, and one set placed a few yards past it. The official times look like they may have been when the athletes crossed the second mat, with the time discrepancies coaches are reporting being however long it took the athletes to jog/walk/stumble across the 2nd set. Perhaps some of the missing runners just avoided it all together? If this were the case, I wonder if there's a data set somewhere from the first set of mats?

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