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Thread: Southern Section Photos

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    Southern Section Photos

    SS Coaches Ė If any teams that competed in the following meets want the photos, Iíll be at CIF SS prelims next weekend and will be happy to give away DVDs containing the photos. The photos are hi res (too large to upload to my website).

    The meets I shot are:
    Central Park Invitational
    Inland Empire Challenge
    Orange County Championship

    I include all shots on the DVDs (600-900 images) Ė Sorry, I donít have the bandwidth to separate out individual schools.

    If you let me know, I can have an approximate count of how many to bring. I already have DVDs for Indio and Great Oaks.

    Iíll be out on the course for most of the meet. Any ideas on how I can leave these somewhere that people can access?

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    Tim, I'd love to get one from Central Park and Inland Empire.
    Ken Quinn
    Serrano Diamondbacks XC and T&F
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    Tim, I would appreciate a copy of the OCC photos. Thanks!

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    I would like a copy of the photos for Esperanza HS. We were at the OC Champs Friday and Central Park afternoon section.

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