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Coach Ibarra and others,

You may have not noticed this thread in the California Coaches forum: " Fantasy Cross Country!" Some of us have been doing what Joe proposes for several years. Here's the post:

Itís that time of year again: Fantasy Cross Country!

Havenít heard of it? Itís been really popular in certain parts of our state for just about five years!

Hereís how it works: take the state meet team entries and their enrollment numbers, sort them by enrollment, then divide them into five equal divisions (kind of like most Sections do for their own championships!).

When the real meet results are published, see how different the podium looks using the fantasy starting list! Itís amazing!

It really is fun to play!

Look! Someone has already created the fantasy starting list for the boysí teams!


The Sac-Joaquin Section put forth a proposal (if not last year, then the year before) to raise the number of divisions to 6. The thinking was that the SS would buy in, and it would somewhat alleviate the present imbalances. The measure, I believe, received exactly one vote.

I see what I call "re-shuffling the deck" as another way to address the problem. Seems like that's what most sections do anyway (except Central), but they do it a 2 months prior to their section meets, not the week of.

Love it! We should start making fantasy plaques to hand out