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Thread: State Rankings

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    Similar to your mother's comments, I have attributed girls as having a higher pain threshold/tolerance than boys because of childbearing. I have always wonder if there is a difference in how boys and girls handle training that is areobic than anaerobic, which may play a bigger factor in training/performance than the rate of recovery.

    But back to the original topic of this posting. As a new California resident I look forward to attending my 1st Mt. Sac XC invite. Although not every ranked team per division will meet head-to-head; it will still be a great meet. I'm sure there will be plenty of coaches, including myself, that will crunch the numbers and compare teams regardless of who is in what race because it's the same course, on the same day, running in the same conditions.
    It's not always the same conditions throughout the day. And this weekend could be an example of that. Pray for little to no sun as the day goes on.

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    I love this thread. I know this will get a few unfavorable comments but if we all want to see the best races throughout the year as opposed to waiting until mid-November to race, why not come up with a points based system that gets teams to NXN. I am strictly speaking for california so other regions would need to do what they see fit but this is just an idea.
    Dual meet wins= 1 point
    League title=3 points
    Minor Invites= 5pts (sweepstakes races = 2 extra points)
    major Invites = 7 pts (sweepstakes races = 2 extra points)
    Mt Sac = 10 pts (sweepstakes races = 2 extra points)
    State Title= 20 points

    Coaches decided which Invites are majors and which are minors
    These are not hard and solid numbers more of an idea to kick around.

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    I don't know about you guys, but the more I look at things, I feel that high school cross country has become similar to the BCS for college football. Especially after adding Nike Team Nationals. Almost as if teams need to win by big margin (style points) if they don't run the big meets. Is it a bad thing or is it good thing? ... I really don't know .. Good luck to all the teams with the rest of the season!

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