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Thread: Sophomore Transfer Rule in SS

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    Sophomore Transfer Rule in SS

    Does anyone happen to know if the Sophomore transfer rule still exists in the SS? Meaning you can transfer after your freshmen year and be immediately eligible at the incoming school w/o the waiting period.

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    Call the SS Office (562)493-9500 and get the right answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hal Harkness View Post
    Call the SS Office (562)493-9500 and get the right answer.
    i would call cif, but i'll speculate for you too:

    as far as i've heard, the sophomore rule no longer exists, and that there is just a blanket 30 day waiting period per sport (beginning from the official start of the season) for most transfers. i'd imagine there are still opportunities to apply for hardship waivers, as well as undue influence rules, etc....

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