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Thread: Will This be the Last Year of Mt. SAC?

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    Will This be the Last Year of Mt. SAC?

    I know that Mt. SAC is moving forward with its 2020 project and it seems like the XC course will be inaccessible and then changed. Will 2014 be the last year of this version of the course and will the new rendition stay the same for decades to come?

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    Looking at the webcam on the MtSAC website, the hill is more than half-way removed already, but doesn't appear to effect the course in any way (except for the temporary fence) at this time. The hill's highest point is now directly behind the stadium & is at the top of the stands (well below the pressbox) tapering down towards the airstrip. Let's keep faith that the changes will be minimal & the integrity of the course will remain.
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    From Doug Todd

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for asking about the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational, our construction and the future of the event.

    Some answers to your questions.

    Will this be the last year of Mt. SAC?: No, it will not be our last year.

    Seems as if the course will be inaccessible: It is closed right now but it will open again real soon. Our goal is to have all of it opened and ready for running in time for the Fast Back Invite in September.

    Will the course be changed? No, it will not be changed this year or later when we go back and remove the remainder of the hill located just behind our West Bleachers. We removed some fence posts and added some dirt, a lot of dirt to the turn at the bottom of Reservoir Hill to accommodate the huge earth movers AND to insure that the course trails were not damaged in the process. These 'trucks' are so heavy that we had to drop huge amount of dirt on the airstrip as well to protect the asphalt road and the conduit that passes beneath the airstrip. These things are HEAVY! All the dirt and or ‘changes’ you may have seen recently have been put in place to make sure that our course will not be changed. The construction company has been very accommodating.

    So, ignore any and all 'experts' you know or may run into to that tell you anything different than what I have shared with you. I am amazed at the amount of people who seem to take great joy in publicly pontificating about what is going on at Mt. SAC.....particularly those who have never even talked to me and still choose to put themselves in the position of 'expert' on all things Mt. SAC.

    Here is the bottom line and the inside scoop on Project 2020, our goal of bidding for and winning the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials. We are starting a major stadium renovation project of historic Hilmer Lodge Stadium. It needs it, the stadium / Track Facility is very old and we hope to put together a project that will be state of the art when completed and last as long and serve as well as our current stadium served.

    Preserving the Cross Country course , the current finish line and everything about it is equally important. I wish I could show everyone the plans for the new stadium that not only include coordinates that insure the exact placement of the finish line but even the slopes and elevations that lead up to it. When completed, our course will be the same it is right now, plus some much needed improvements that will allow for a better overall team and spectator experience. We are even adding a bridge for spectators to cross over from the warm up field to the mile mark, (eliminating the need for our 'crosswalk')

    In short, the new stadium renovation is going to be wonderful. The cross country course will stay the same. The meet will be held this year in October and we are doing all we can to make sure that the CC Invite does not have to take a sabbatical anytime during this whole process. Fingers crossed that we can make that happen.

    Finally know that if we have any issues or miscalculations that necessitate us canceling the CC Invite or the Relays you will hear it from us as soon as we get to that point. We would post that type of info to our web site immediately , we would contact CIF, we would contact the newspapers, we would e-blast those of you who attend our events and we would do all within our power to get the information out to as many of you as quickly as possible.

    What we would never do is share that type of info with a select few 'special' people and sit on that info. We have no reason to ‘hide’ our plans. If circumstances change, as they sometimes do with construction projects of any size, you, our customers, the coaches will be the first to know.

    In the future if you have any further questions about our plans please contact my office at 909.594.5611 extension 4840. We are happy to share the latest and most up to date information and you can be assured that you will get accurate information and not the grist of the rumor mil.

    Best of luck this season and hope to see you in October at the Mt. SAC Cross Country Invite!

    Doug Todd
    Mt. SAC
    Director: Special Events / Cross Country & Track and Field Teams

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    Thanks for this great response. I'm fond of Mt. SAC and am very excited to see this project move forward; having the Olympic Trials at Mt. SAC would be a great experience for our community. I love how direct you are with your response and the fact that you are so forthcoming. Best of luck with the progress and we'll see you in October.

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