With the implementation of the new practice rules this year a few issues have come up for me.

1) The 18 hours per week should not be a problem for any cross country program

2) 4 hours per day should be no problem for any of us either

3) Double practices must be at least 3 hours apart. I prefer to have at least 6 hours so this does not bother me.

4) Double practices cannot be on consecutive days. This I do not like, I understand but don't like. We used to run mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in addition to our regular workouts in the afternoon. I have had to change to M, W and Friday. Our school schedule has late starts on Thursdays so I used to be able to get in nice long runs on Thursday mornings but cannot do that now without losing another morning practice.

5) No doubles on competition days. We used to do a morning run on weekday meets days and the kids felt much better after having an easy 4 miles in the am before the afternoon races.

Oh, well. There are always reasons for the changes and I know that there are some over-zealous coaches/programs in many sports that need these guidelines. I just like to be able to do the things that worked for us in the past. Darn rules!!!

Hope everyone had a productive summer and I look forward to the fall racing season!!

Just my initial and uneducated ramblings.