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Thread: Summer turns to fall

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    Summer turns to fall

    In a little less than 2 weeks the Southern Section will have its first competitions. I like to think of this as the start of fall. The calendar will tell us that fall officially begins a few weeks later but us cross country coaches know better. The summer work is in, hopefully, and the racing begins

    With the start of racing, many questions will be answered but many more will be asked. Those that put the summer work in will get to show their miles with pride. Those that didn't will have nowhere to hide. How good are those frosh going to be? How are you going to replace those that moved on? Who will be the surprise performer that dedicated themselves all summer to making a big jump.

    We can all see how much better our own teams have gotten, or how much we have lost. Competition allows us to see how much our rivals changed! Did they get an impact fresh? Did they play video games all summer or were they pounding the pavement and hitting the trails?

    I for one cannot wait to begin the competition phase. More programs are starting to begin their season with a low key meet, or "friendly" as we steal the soccer term. This allows us to teach the newbies how an XC meet works and allows the veterans an opportunity to shake the racing rust off in a low pressure environment.

    Rankings will be out soon, we hope, and that will spur many more conversations amongst coaches and athletes. To me, I like the rankings not because I like to see where we stand, but rather because I want insight in where my competitors stand. I want to see what others think about the teams that I am concerned with. We all know own teams but few have good info on their rivals.

    Good luck to all as schools are starting and questions will be answered and questions will be asked.

    The calendar is turning and Fall is almost here!
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    ...and how the Divisions have changed!

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