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Thread: Possible Date Change of the HDC in the YV

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    Possible Date Change of the HDC in the YV

    I've had a couple of inquiries about possibly changing the date of the Hi-Desert Classic from Friday, Sept. 26th to Saturday, Oct 4th because of Yucaipa's cancellation. Is there any interest in teams that have that date already blocked for Yucaipa that may want to travel to the YV?

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    STOP referring to your area as 'the' YV. You are not and never will be like THE O.C.!!!!

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    We would be very interested.

    Anthony, Burroughs HS

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    Are you jealous that you can't be in the YV?

    I'll be checking with the town today about a possible switch. It's all going to hinge on the paperwork.

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