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Thread: Meet Review Weekend of 9/13/14

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    Meet Review Weekend of 9/13/14

    I tried this last week to some extent but I guess I didn't do a good job getting my point across. Let's be honest, this board is virtually dead when it comes to people posting yet most coaches come to prepcaltrack to see how their teams stack up or where they are ranked. With US distance running at its peak were are seeing a huge influx of meets on the schedule. It would be great if we could hear your experiences at both new and existing meets such as: did the races start on time, were the results accurate, was the course distance accurate, did you (coach, parent, athlete) have a good time, do you plan to return next year?

    I'll start. We took this weekend off to train at Yorba Regional Park. Most of the varsity group ran 10 miles, one did 11, at around 8:18 pace. The run was scheduled to start at 7:30 but it we didn't start until 7:40, the results are still not posted, the distance was accurate and the girls seemed to have a good time, we'll return on our next week off.

    One of the things that Alberto Salazar attributed the resurgence of US distance running was the internet. Athletes are able to learn more about training and view results from across the nation. It would be great if we could talk about the meets that we attend to help make them better than they already are.

    Matt Rainwater
    Head Girls Coach
    Brea-Olinda High School

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    Matt brings up some really good points, and I'd like to add on to this thread.

    Our squads also took this weekend off from racing to train on Saturday morning at Schabarum Park (Rowland Heights), which is the site of our league meets. We got going a little later than normal for Saturday practices (8:30am vs. the usual 7:30am start), but we were able to beat the heat then get some Krispy Kreme afterwards, which the kids always look forward to.

    Originally, I wanted to enter the Rosemead Invite, but, with our school being in week 5 of the 6 week grading period, we decided to race in a smaller tri-meet this past Thursday and give the kids some extra time on the weekend to finish up some homework/studying.

    We are now prepping for Woodbridge on Friday night. But, Monday and Tuesday have expected highs of 108 (we are in West Covina), and while we don't anticipate our district to cancel practices, I am planning to adjust this week's long run and speed workout if needed. I am getting the feeling that some of the kids will have the hype of the heat in their heads and some parents may even have their kids skip practice altogether

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    We scheduled 6 am workouts the next two days. We have our PLC late starts on Wednesdays, so we are able to begin the workout at 7 am. What is everybody else doing to avoid the heat?

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    When it gets crazy hot like this, we go to one of the back fields at the school and turn on the sprinkler system so the kids can still run around the field and get something in while keeping cool. Looks like we all have a tough 2 days coming, but after that we should be pretty good.

    As far as our weekend went, we ran long on Saturday morning and then they had Homecoming. Glad that is over...

    Very impressed with the talent in CA this year! Can't wait to see how it all shakes out at Woodbridge.

    Doug Soles
    Head XC & Track Coach
    Great Oak High School

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    We are moving our practices from our normal time of 2-4pm to 5-7pm.

    Var ran long last Saturday. 100 minutes in Shady Canyon/El Moro Canyon in OC.
    All our other runners ran Sat. Evening at Rosemead. First time at Rosemead. Fun meet! Reminds me of Woodbridge when it used to be at Woodbridge!
    Long Beach Poly HS Boys XC & Distance Track

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    This weekend our team did a hill workout on the P.V. course. Attended the COOL BREEZE INVITE 2 weeks ago. It was a good meet. Getting off the bus the temp was 100 but when the races started there really was a "cool" breeze that made the conditions pleasant. The course was short (2.75 miles) but running on the golf course was great and the chip timing finish line made results quick and easy. We will go back next year!

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    This past week we, Rubidoux, attended the Laguna Hills Invitational. It was our first trip there and I was not quite sure what to expect but I knew the competition would be very strong. As it turns out, there were fewer top teams at the event this year than in the past few. The course was changed from previous years but we did not know any better. It was very hot! The time schedule was adjusted and both the heat adjusted time schedule and the regular schedule were published well in advance. The races started pretty much exactly on time and seemed to go very smoothly.

    We had a little bit of an off day at the meet and I am still trying to figure out why. It was, however, not due to the meet itself. The results were posted near the finish area and there was a good snack bar and several outside vendors. I am sure the heat was a concern for all at this meet but I think all the races this weekend had the same issue.
    Keith Chann
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    Rubidoux High School

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