I tried this last week to some extent but I guess I didn't do a good job getting my point across. Let's be honest, this board is virtually dead when it comes to people posting yet most coaches come to prepcaltrack to see how their teams stack up or where they are ranked. With US distance running at its peak were are seeing a huge influx of meets on the schedule. It would be great if we could hear your experiences at both new and existing meets such as: did the races start on time, were the results accurate, was the course distance accurate, did you (coach, parent, athlete) have a good time, do you plan to return next year?

I'll start. We took this weekend off to train at Yorba Regional Park. Most of the varsity group ran 10 miles, one did 11, at around 8:18 pace. The run was scheduled to start at 7:30 but it we didn't start until 7:40, the results are still not posted, the distance was accurate and the girls seemed to have a good time, we'll return on our next week off.

One of the things that Alberto Salazar attributed the resurgence of US distance running was the internet. Athletes are able to learn more about training and view results from across the nation. It would be great if we could talk about the meets that we attend to help make them better than they already are.

Matt Rainwater
Head Girls Coach
Brea-Olinda High School