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I figured you were looking at all-time performers, so I had to sneak that through the loophole. Off-topic fact: El G broke 3:30.00 thirty-three times. All others combined have broken 3:30.00 fifty-eight times.
el g is undoubtedly the king, even if you're in the camp that believes his reign was aided by the rise in epo.

a lesser known off-topic fact: as far as i know, i'm the only open runner to be undefeated agains el g. i raced him twice in 1994--he was an up-and-comer, maybe 19 yrs old?--in brussels and berlin and managed to outkick him/hold him off (can't remember exactly how the races played out--we both ran around 3:38-39). i don't think i ever raced him again...