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Thread: CIF Prelims Results

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    CIF Prelims Results

    For those of us not able to be at Mt. Sac today, hoping that prelims results will appear in a relatively timely fashion on the main page.

    Are there complications or expenses that prevent EPI from posting live results? That would have been great.

    The meets Finished Results has timed this year have been great fun to follow live. About as close to being there as possible (well, a live stream would be a tad closer).

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    Sorry for the late response, but I want to clarify that we were not the primary timing company at CIF-SS Prelims yesterday. George Varvas and his crew were the primary timers. We were the backup timers and did not have a database to push live results. That is why you did not see them until about 10 minutes after the races completed (on PrepCalTrack).

    For the record, we always push live results at the meets where we are the primary timer.

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    Jim Roldan
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