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Thread: Woodbridge race question

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    Woodbridge race question

    This will be our first go at Woodbridge. I'm having difficulty understanding which race we are placed in. We have our division - blue - but beyond that how do we request what races to enter?

    Any help would be appreciated. I couldn't find those instructions on their website.
    Brad Peters
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    You will be in all Blue Division races, except for varsity if you get placed in the Rated/Sweeps. If you want to get into the Rated/Sweep, email Rich Gonzalez and let him know which ones you would like to be considered for. He places the teams in those races based on rankings, but will also accommodate coaches wishes usually.
    Brian Brierly
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    Coach Peters,
    You may run athletes in any blue race. It is asked that your top 7 run in the varsity race you are assigned (A or B). After that, your kids run in the grade level races as appropriate.
    Slower athletes (23 minutes plus) are asked to run in the novice race, regardless of grade.
    Have fun! It is a great experience. For extra motivation of your athletes, plan to stay & watch the sweepstakes races.
    Bryan Leighliter
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