Here are some tips for parking at the Riverside Course:
Please approach the course by traveling SOUTH on Orange St. That would mean approaching from Center St, not Columbia.
If you are traveling in on the 91/215, exit Center, go West about 1/2 mile from the Fwy. You will come to a stop sign, which is
Orange St. Proceed South on Orange St approximately 1 mile and the Clubhouse will be on the right.
If you are travelling the 60 corridor you can exit at Main St and go North PAST Columbia to Placentia. Turn right on
Placentia, which turns into Center St. When you reach Orange go South about 1 mile to the Clubhouse on the right.
Buses traveling North on Orange will be directed to Reid Park to turn around and come back South on Orange to make the right
turn onto the Clubhouse Lot.
There will be no left turns allowed into the Clubhouse Parking lot.
If buses will follow this route it will make a much more pleasurable experience for their fans attempting to gain access to the Spectator Lot. Our
biggest traffic problems have been caused by buses traveling north on Orange from Columbia.
Buses will be directed where to park after they drop off their athletes.

There are multiple parking opportunities for cars. The main lot can hold around 500-550 vehicles. The charge to park there is 10.00
There are also 245 parking spots @ Reid Park next door to the Course. Parking, while available will be free, then spectators will walk up Orange St, past the Fire Station and enter the Spectator Lot and proceed to the ticket booth to purchase their tickets for entry.
There are about 150 spots at the Church on the corner of Orange and Main St. I believe parking there is 5.00, but that is actually up to the church. If spectators park in the church lot, spectators can walk up Columbia to Orange and cross, then enter the parking lot through the pedestrian gate next to the auto exit gate and proceed to the Ticket Booth.
There are also numerous side streets which can be found easily on Google Earth and which are not an exorbitant distance from the Course, ala parking in the neighborhood behind Trabuco Hills as I generally do for the Invitational. :-)
When leaving, if you are going to the 60, or south(west) on the 91, the best route is THROUGH the Columbia light. Approximately 2/3 of a mile up you will come to the 60. You can turn right to access the 60, or continue across the freeway(you will see it below you) and turn right on Russell St. Russell will take you to Main, a right on Main will take you to an onramp to the eastbound 60-this will work well if you intend to go to the 91. Both of these are MUCH better than turning right onto Columbia and going to Main(left) to the Fwy.
As always, carpooling is the best bet. Less traffic and less money for parking!!
Drive safe and hope to see you tomorrow!!!