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Thread: Relatively slow times at CIF-SS XC Finals?

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    Relatively slow times at CIF-SS XC Finals?

    This is not to downplay or negate the great performances by the athletes at Mt. SAC last Saturday, but it was my impression that the times were a bit slower compared to last year and to the Mt. SAC invite earlier this year.

    Last Saturday was a bit warm and windy here in Orange County. I could not make it to Mt. SAC to watch the Finals. What was the weather like in Walnut last Saturday, and was it a factor in the races?

    Congrats to all the athletes and coaches. Good luck at State!

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    Cardinal Blue, it was very dry, cool in the morning but got warm by mid morning.

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    According to Weather Underground it was 65 degrees at 11am on CIF-SS Finals day in 2014. This past year it was 75 degrees by 10am! That is a huge difference and really changes times, particularly with the schools that are used to training in cooler temperatures along the shore. However, in my experience looking at results, it has been the very low humidity in combination with elevated temperatures that causes the most dramatic slowing in times. It was really dry at Mt. SAC for SS Finals.
    The drop-off in times is most noticeable when you look at team times. Elite individuals are usually less effected by these types of changes but when you start to combine 5 kids for a school team, you can really see the changes.

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    Comparing the times from 2014 to 2015 without factoring in the weather difference between the years would yield a misleading comparison.

    At the start of the meet this year, it was a few degrees warmer than it was last year. But the bigger weather difference between the two years occurred in the final races of the day. In 2014, the weather during the meet topped out at 65 degrees. This year, it topped out during the races at 82 degrees. Was also quite dry. For those of you not at the finish line for that last race this year, kids were dropping like flies as they crossed the finish. It was not a pretty sight.

    Bottom line, conditions were clearly warmer this year for the entire meet, and considerably warmer for the last few races. That made the times slower this year.
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