We want to welcome you to Rubidoux High School's LAST All Comers of the Winter Season. Things are surely picking up out there as we move into 2016 T/F Season.
Couple of Notes for tomorrow:

1.) We MIGHT have a delayed start time. We are going to try to ensure all efforts to start @ 630p but our stadium is hosting a CIF Soccer Game prior to our All Comers Track Meet. So there is an outside chance of delay- Just a heads up!

2.) There is a good chance we WILL NOT have medical staff and/or a trainer. We are trying to get a trainer but there is no official confirmation yet. Please participate at your own risk. Further, we will have waivers that we would like all athletes to sign.

3.) We will have Long, Triple and High Jumps going. Please be advised of the timing of the jump pits. We are holding steadfast to those time-frames. We are also doing the 300m intermediate hurdles.

4.) If you have a large group of athletes coming. Please email me your roster- we will pre-register them! Hopefully that will cut down the wait time.

Please join us! They have been fun and successful meets thus far!