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    Has a boy ever broke 4:05 and 1:51 in the same state meet?

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    Yes, Isaac Cortes

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    The 1600/800 double has been accomplished 4 times in state meet history although the order of the events has not always been the same.
    Gerald Blankenship 1915 (4:30.0/1:59.8)
    Earl Lockhart 1923 (4:31.6/1:59.0)
    Jon Stevens 1998 (4:12.58/1:52.07)
    Isaac Cortes 2016 (4:04.62/1:50.75)

    Jon Stevens had PRs 4:07.19 and 1:48.65 but any way you look at it, what Cortes did at the state meet was very special. Great Oak also almost swept the 3 distance races which I don't think has every been accomplished before. Cole Spencer was .003 from winning the 3200.
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    did hal harkness just make a funny?

    cortes' times were obviously impressive, but equally worth noting is 4 races in 2 days in 90-100 degree weather. while i don't think the weather affects everyone for one race, i think it had to affect recovery for multiple races, even for a kid from temecula...

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