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Thread: Divisions for 2016

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    Divisions for 2016

    From the recently released bulletin, "The CIF-SS Cross Country divisions are based on CBED information from the 2015-2016 year. When the CBED information for 2016-2017 has been submitted to CIF-SS and the State Department of Education, any school that incurs a gain/loss in enrollment of a minimum of 15% in the current year will utilize the new CBED data for placement into division. Reporting of the information to the State Department of Education occurs prior to October 1st each year. Final divisional placement for each school will be determined once this information has been received
    and compiled."

    Division 3 is tentatively listed as having enrollment figures of 1460-2079. West Torrance is listed as having 2077 enrolled last year, or at least that's what I think it means. Does the 15% minimum rule mean that West Torrance could actually have 2387 students this year and they would remain in D3 because that is less than a 15% difference? Ocean View, listed as 1498 could drop to 1274 and still be in D3?

    Why aren't the divisions based upon the current enrollment at the school? Not looking to start an argument, I'm genuinely curious and figure there must be a good reason.

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    The State requires sections to submit schools/divisions by October 1 each year. This is far too early to use current year's enrollment. They do allow the adjustment for =/- 15% only after October 1.

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