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    Does anyone use elliptigos? Which models do you recommend? Thanks for the help.

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    yes, i do. not sure what my model is, though it's got 8 speeds--don't feel like going in the garage right now to look. it's been very effective cross-training, both in health and while slightly injured, and i have had athletes use mine for cross-training as well, though most are a little afraid of it, or afraid of how they'd look.

    i've heard some suggest a range of around 60-70% in terms of equality to running, so a 10 mile ride is roughly equal to 6-7 miles of running. i try to ride mostly around hills, and sometimes i think it's closer to 80+%. if i were a little more scientifically inclined, i'd try a heartrate monitor to really see, but i'm ok using the force...

    i'd highly recommend if you've got the money and plenty of bike paths with some moderate hills. in a firsthand conversation with meb, he told me he swears by his, using it primarily for his daily second "runs".

    and no, i'm not sponsored, but--full disclosure--i was given mine as a "loaner" through a friend connected to the company about 4 years back when i was having some achilles problems, and they have used me for me for press releases after some of my better races.

    that's my story and i'm sticking to it...

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    p.s. pretty sure rene and saugus use them, but don't know to what extent...

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