My son was experiencing symptoms very similar to yesstiles toward the end of last track season (sore legs, fatigue, feeling like crap after merely warming up for a race) and even dropped out of his last two races last year, literally wobbling off the track. A blood test showed very low ferritin levels as well as pretty severe dehydration (despite the fact that he chugged water all of the time). The doctor ordered 2 65mg iron tablets along with a vitamin C per day, and drinking more gatorade and electrolyte enhanced water (we use the trader joe's electrolyte water). By the end of the summer he was feeling great, subsequent tests showed his ferritin at greatly improved levels, and he is having a break-out XC season. He is still taking 1 65 mg tablet along with a vitamin C each night at dinner, along with the electrolyte water, which seems to be doing the trick.

John Beattie
Buena HS XC