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    State Individual Rankings

    My top 10 Boys Individual Rankings. [In the immortal words of a multi-State title coach "nobody cares"] Please correct anything wrong and offer your opinions and analysis!!

    1) Luis Grijalva (Armijo) [Div 1] – Won Woodbridge and Clovis Invitationals but did lose to Michael Vernau by 20 seconds at Lagoon Valley. Did not run Mt. SAC but has beaten everyone and avenged his only loss.

    2) Cooper Teare (St. Joseph’s Notre Dame) [Div 5] – Won Stanford Invitational, and 2nd at Woodbridge. Ran 14:44 in a solo effort at Mt SAC Inv.

    3) Michael Vernau (Davis) [Div 1] – 2nd at both Stanford and Clovis Invitationals. Beat Grijalva early in the season. Did not run Mt. SAC but has only lost to the 2 in front of him.

    tie 4) Erik Gonzalez (Rubidoux) [Div 3] – Won Inland Empire Challenge over Khan. Had fastest time of the weekend at Mt. SAC (14:37) in beating Martinez de Pinillos. Both victories were by 0.1 seconds! Only head-to-head losses are to teammate Ramos at Brea Invitational and Lancer Classic (CIF-SS course).

    tie 4) Joaquin Martinez de Pinillos (Cathedral Catholic) [Div 3] – 5th at Woodbridge and 14:37 at Mt. SAC, losing by only 0.1 seconds to Gonzalez.

    6) Callum Bolger (San Luis Obisbo) [Div 4] – 3rd at Stanford, 3rd at Clovis but lost by 17 seconds at PAC-8 meet and only ran 15:31 at Mt. SAC (He won the race and was probably just on an easy cruise control, but still well behind what others ran so I factor that in a bit)

    7) Steven Khan (Ayala) [Div 2] – 4th at Clovis and 2nd at Inland Empire Challenge, to Gonzalez by only 0.1 seconds, 1st at Riverside but not really strong field. Only 32nd at Woodbridge.

    8) Christian Ricketts (Arroyo Grande) [Div 1]– Won sweeps race at Mt. SAC (14:59) and 1st in his non-championship race at Clovis (15:15). Beat Bolger at league meet by 17 seconds.

    9) Evert Silva (Fresno) [Div 3] – 5th at Stanford, 6th at Clovis and 6th at Woodbridge. Lost by less than 0.1 seconds to Ricketts at Mt. SAC in Individual Sweeps race (14:59)

    tie 10) Kevin Ramos (Rubidoux) [Div 3]– Won Brea Invitational (over Gonzalez). Won Lancer Classic (over Gonzalez) on CIF-SS course with faster time (14:47 vs 14:53) than Khan ran in winning at Riverside Invitational. Was 3rd in D3 sweepstakes race at Mt. SAC with 7th fastest time of the weekend. Won races at Fastback Shootout, Laguna Inv and Mt. Carmel. Has only lost to 2 people all year, and 1 is his teammate Gonzalez.

    tie 10) Justin Hazell (El Camino Real) [Div 1]– Ran 15:00 at Mt. SAC but only 15:33 at Clovis. Was 10th at Woodbridge early in the year.

    I feel a bit biased putting Gonzalez at 4 but he did beat Khan and Martinez de Pinillos in head-to-head battles in successive weeks. More uncomfortable with ranking Ramos at #10 but his numbers seem to put him there.

    I think that the top 3 are separated a little from the rest and #4-7 could really be in any order. Let the discussions begin. Rankings get you nothing and these are just the prep period mussings of a former mediocre D3 coach just trying to get some discussion going as the season heads towards league finals and the rest of the championship season now that many of these guys will not race each other anymore.
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