a league i help with (but don't coach in) has been struggling with matching its league constitution rules with the qualifying jump marks since there are multiple divisions in the same league. the constitution says raise the bar in 2" increments--of course this means bypassing minimum qualifying standards depending on if you start with an even or odd number for the opening height.

while i think common sense (which, apparently, is not as common as i think it is) would say allow kids to jump at their minimum heights since others can pass to the next height, some felt the rules are the rules. i'd imagine most on the message board would agree with me (but i could be wrong), and that at their next constitutional league meeting, just change the rule for the future.

that said, i don't think this is addressed at all at the c.i.f. level. maybe hal can chime in on this, but should c.i.f. codify this by stating that leagues should allow athletes to jump at qualifying heights, especially since they can change every year? or, if it has been codified at the c.i.f. level, can someone direct me to the rule?