I fully understand how difficult it is to rank teams when they don't run against each other in the same meets. However, coming into Mt. Sac, Loyola had been ranked #1 in state solely based on their performance at the Bell-Jeff invite. Historical data shows that Loyola runners, on average run about 50 seconds slower at Mt. Sac. than at Bell-Jeff. At the same time, Saugus, Dos Pueblos and Redondo had all posted much more impressive times at Woodbridge and/or Clovis. While Loyola is and will continue to be a great program, they have a long way to go in 2012. Based on Mt. Sac. Dos Pueblos, is the top team in state D2, with Saugus and Redondo very close behind. If they remain healthy, these three teams should be standing on the podium at the state meet.