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Thread: Dealing with the heat!

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    Dealing with the heat!

    I know that Rene mentioned the heat in his "Trials and Tribulations" thread so i thought I would expend the topic a bit.
    Out here in the Inland area the heat has been crazy for the past 6-8 weeks. During the summer we had practice in teh early morning and could deal with the heat. However, we started school the 1st week of August and had to have practice in the afternoon/evenings. School starts for us at 7:15 so in order to get a full practice and allow the kids shower time after we would need to start practice at 5:00am and I am not sure I would have more than 2 kids at that time of day. So we had practice at 6pm for a couple of weeks but that is not sustainable because too many kids in the community cannot be at practice at that time due to family commitments. Thus we started practice at teh normal time of 2:30, often with 100+ degree temps.
    Obviously we have scaled down some workouts but we have had to deal with a lot of very hot days. After running mileage in the mid 60's to low 70's during the summer and early part of the school year, we cut out our morning workouts (Many reasons here, none of which make me happy) and are now running in the mid 50's .
    My big concern is that with cutting mileage due to the heat from the last couple of weeks, we have started the "peak" of having slightly lower mileage while adding in our speed work. We had a good race last week and I am happy with it but I worry that the heat caused a premature peak.
    Can I increase my mileage again for 2 more weeks without having a major negative impact?
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    I share your concern about cutting mileage during this time and inducing an early peak. Besides the necessity of doing it, I justify, at least to myself, that we will not peak early because we are still training at the same stress level. A 40 minute run in the heat can be as grueling as a 60 minute run on a cooler day. At least in Calabasas the forecast looks good for the near future.

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